“A world of 5G and 6G to possibly gulp down all of communication technologies” told by LTE’s father

Seizo Onoe , Father of LTE

Seizo Onoe , Father of LTE

Mr. Seizo Onoe of NTTdocomo is called as “Father of LTE” globally. He is a figure who even insists in no uncertain terms on MWC, “I hate HSPA. Such system is nothing but a root of vendor’s pursuit of profits.” Such father of LTE told about “5G” which is expected to be put to practical use.

Last year, Mr. Onoe announced about 5G that “there was no specific technology for it”, and his stance on 5G has not been changed. With such technologies as “Massive MIMO” and “NOMA” under development, NTTdocomo seems to realize 5G by combining these technologies even though they have not any specific technology for it. In consideration of the situation five years ahead, it would be required to manage tremendous amount of data communication due to data traffic which increased more than ever before.

Therefore, such traffic seems to be managed in the 5G world by establishing base stations at such hot spots as downtown area and terminal stations. Due to the frequency band of 3.5 GHz or higher to be used, it tends to be taken as a common sense that base stations are built locally.

Mr. Onoe, however, flatly rejects such concept saying, “It’s a wrong scenario I hate.” He insists “we should work on a technology capable of realizing a broad coverage as a cellular system” although 5G may achieve ultrafast and ultrahigh capacity within a broader frequency band by using higher frequency spectrum.

Even though 5G tends to be understood to have narrower coverage with poor reception due to large propagation loss caused by the higher frequency spectrum, he insists it should be designed as a cellular system similarly to conventional one. Further, he suggested that “5G and 6G are widely pursued including proximity type such as NFC but it is essentially preferable to be consolidated into one design concept. According to him, it is significantly advantageous if various communication technologies including NFC were integrated together just like the case that WiMAX turned into a TD-LTE in the name of WiMAX2 resulting in achieving involvement in LTE.


Nevertheless, Mr. Onoe said, “it may be difficult to unite such technologies because there are a lot of businesses and multiple standards bodies in reality.” As the father of LTE, he seemed to have recognized 5G and 6G as a communication technology capable of covering even sensor network. I have never thought of it but it may be possible that such a world to be able to include Wi-Fi in LTE is achieved. It sounds really interesting if such a world was achieved that “communication standard incorporated in smart phones is just one” by integrating various technologies including Wi-Fi and NFC into one communication technology.

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