Samsung GALAXY Note Edge REVIEW :Satisfied by usability of the pen but not enough by usage of the curved display


After 50 days since I started to use “GALAXY Note Edge” of Samsung, I’m fully satisfied by usability of the pen but not enough by usage of the curved display.

It’s a replacement device of GALAXY Note 3 and I’m almost satisfied by the usability as a whole. GALAXY Note Edge is an ambitious product of Samsung which has been in the dumps recently. Among others, the most remarkable characteristics is the curved display on the lateral surface of the body. In contrast to recent smart phones which are of almost the same design without any particular difference, GALAXY Note Edge makes us feel something exciting by its new-futuristic design of curved display. It’s been quite long since I came across such a smart phone like this one that made me “want to use” instantly at a glance.


Users are able to check the time and received mails with the body covered by the round screen edge of the curved display. In addition, it is possible to arrange icons of applications on the curved display making it further possible to activate required application from the display. The usability may be significantly enhanced by collectively arranging such applications as used frequently. Further, setting menu for shooting and the shutter button will be displayed on it when activating the camera function. As objects of shooting are displayed on the surface screen, it is convenient to be able to display the setting screen without breaking in on the surface screen.

I have been using it for fifty days with an exciting and interesting feeling at least initially, however, I have been familiarized with the curved display in a matter of time making me feel it as an ordinary smart phone. In spite of full of expectation that “what kinds of conveniences are provided by the curved display” at first, I have come to think in the course of the practical use that “it may not be necessary” in particular for purposes other than activation of applications which makes me feel convenient.

While it features the function to be able to check the time and receipt of mails remaining the body covered, such usage is readily substituted by a conventional body cover with a window for checking. In case of replay of YouTube, it is possible to change a replay position from the curved display but I think “it may not be necessary to forcibly use the curved display.” The effort of Samsung Electronics side to utilize the curved display seems to have resulted in vain. Perhaps, the convenience of the curved display will be enhanced remarkably by creating applications capable of utilizing it. In this aspect, it remains to be seen until corresponding applications are enhanced.

When I carry it with me, I become anxious if a part of the curved display may be damaged because the curved display is always exposed. I hope Samsung Electronics to launch body covers to protect the curved display, if possible.

I became quite fond of “pen-based input”, which is another feature of GALAXY Note Edge, and the function cannot be replaced by anything. In addition to the improvement in pressure sensitivity by two times compared with conventional models, it has achieved feeling of writing this time as if real pen is used by the capability to sense the tilt and rotation of the S pen. Indeed, I use it in place of GALAXY Note3 and the feeling of writing is totally satisfiable for me.

It is almost everyday for me to take notes while conducting interview as a part of my job, I feel extremely good usability in GALAXY Note Edge by which I can take notes smoothly. With multiple microphones incorporated, the voice recorder function in GALAXY Note Edge has also evolved. In case of interviewing, I use it in a way to take notes by the pen using a mode capable of recording mainly what interviewee and I speak. GALAXY Note Edge is a smart phone I may recommend to “purchase” without question for those who want to keep hand-written notes and sound source in business setting such as meetings.

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