Reasons why it became impossible to purchase SIM-unlocked iPhone6 at Apple Stores in Japan


Sales of unlocked iPhone6/6 Plus have been suspended at Apple Stores in Japan.
In consideration of the fact that they are sold as usual at Apple Stores overseas, solely Japan seems to have been forced to suspend the sales.

Quite a few persons involved have doubt about the abrupt suspension of unlocked iPhone6/6 Plus sales. Amid such situation, an Apple official announced it was due to “impact of weak yen.” In fact, the retail prices of iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5s were revised on November 14th.

It was nothing but a surprise that the lowest price of 57,800 yen for iPhone 5s/16GB model was raised to 64,800 yen and the highest price of 99,800 yen for iPhone 6 Plus/128GB model to 111,800 yen by up to 12,000 yen of increase. The ongoing weak yen trend seems to be the reason for the sales suspension aiming at raising the prices again, but it may not be the case.

Chinese reseller pay cash to Chinese tourist.

Chinese reseller pay cash to Chinese tourist.

“Affected by the weak yen, shopping in Japan is attractive from people overseas. Chinese tourists stormed their way into Apple Stores snapping up the world’s cheapest iPhone. It’s beyond our response and so we were forced to suspend the sales,” said a quite knowledgeable.

On the launching date in September this year when unlocked iPhone6/6 Plus were released for the first time in the world, Chinese customers stood in long lines in front of a directly owned Apple Store for the purpose of resale. Still now amid further weak yen trend, many Chinese customers are rushing to the directly owned Apple Store aiming at reselling them and some of them are said to ramp around when they realized it unavailable. Therefore, they seem to have suspended the sales tentatively.