SHARP AQUOS CRYSTAL X REVIEW:“Smartphone to talk to you” with a Bezel-less structure



The greatest characteristic of “AQUOS CRYSTAL X” of Sharp is its bezel-less structure among others. The bezel has been narrowed to the extreme by two types of technological innovations, i.e. newly developed liquid crystal panel with narrowed frame and optical lens effect by edge-cutting front panel.

When you actually hold the device, you may feel as if you hold just the screen. The display is of full HD liquid crystal with a size of 5.5 inch. The size 5.5 inch is exactly the same as Apple’s “iPhone 6 Plus”. While some people may feel iPhone 6 Plus to be “hard to hold with one hand” due to the large frame part at the lower body, it may be an attractive characteristic of AQUOS CRYSTAL X with narrower frame part making it possible to hold with one hand with no problem.
Enhanced premium accent in the design is another characteristic compared with the previous model of 5 inch size “AQUOS CRYSTAL” which has been sold already in Japan and U.S. It has been finished in a texture appropriate for the high-end model by adopting aluminum material to the surrounding area of power button and camera.


In addition, CPU of MSM8926(1.2GHz)was adopted for AQUOS CRYSTAL in the US market aiming at a price zone of less than 200 dollars, whereas MSM8974AB(2.3GHz)was adopted for AQUOS CRYSTAL X achieving greater spec improvement. In an actual comparison by benchmark application, the score was almost doubled showing a great difference. Detailed twists are added to AQUOS CRYSTAL X for usability.

For example, screen capture is recorded by just tracing transversely the frame part at the top of screen. As it is often the case to record screen captures of websites and mails instead of taking notes, it may be said to be convenient because it is not required for troublesome and complicated operation such as intentional pushing of two buttons simultaneously to record captures.

It is possible to record captures by tracing the frame part at the top of the screen from left to right and to call up the images ever taken by tracing from right to left. In fact, AQUOS CRYSTAL X is embedded with “grip sensor” on the lateral side of the body making it possible to judge whether the body is gripped.
Therefore, it is also possible to set up to show a lock screen and a clock at the moment when the body was gripped and not to display name or phone numbers until the body is gripped when receiving mails. As it actually operates without intending to do so, I even feel the operation messy when using other smartphones to display the lock screen.

Further, a user support function called “emopa” is newly incorporated in the latest Sharp Smartphone. It is a function to provide information grasping the user’s situation by using a sensor control IC. For example, it may notify messages by voice such as “Don’t fall back to sleep,” at the time of awakening or “An umbrella is required as it may rain” when you leave home. Based on GPS data, it talks to you by voice message at home and just displays texts when you are away from home resulting in no hindrance to you. While conversations are made only when users talk to first in case of Apple’s “Siri”, “emopa” is characterized in that the smartphone automatically starts conversation. When I actually used it, it talked to me saying “I’m hungry!” during charging and strange to say, it has somehow become something lovable for me. It may gain popularity as a “lovable smartphone” down the road.