A “Wearable heart rate monitor” has arrived. A revolution in the wearable device!

If you think of a wearable device to measure heart rate and activity, a wrist watch type or wrist band is the norm. However, in Japan a “Heart rate monitor you wear” has arrived and is attracting attention.

NTTdocomo has, from the 10th of December, commenced a service called “Runtastic for docomo” which records and manages data measured during training such as running and cycling.

Goldwin which deals in sportswear will sell a suit called “C3fit IN-pulse” to match Runtastic for docomo. In the C3fit IN-pulse there is a built-in functional material called “Hitoe” which can obtain biological information such as heart rate just by wearing it. Hitoe was developed by Toray and NTT. It is a fabric which can detect biological signal created by applying high conductive resin using a special coating technique to a state of the art textile material called nanofiber.

If you wear clothe using this material you are able to measure heart rate and electrocardiographic waveform. It is very durable and combines both perfect fit and breathability. Hitoe can be washed and sources say “It can be washed about 100 times in a washing machine”.

By transmitting the heart rate data acquired by Hitoe to a smart phone using a mini Bluetooth transmitter and by uploading the data via an application, you can record and manage training data. The heart rate can be measured by a wrist watch type device but it is said to be difficult during intense exercise.

There are those you wear on your chest but it has a tight feel and its drawback is that it is like wearing a brassiere and hence men feel embarrassed wearing it. Just by wearing Hitoe you can measure heart rate and you can control the pace when participating in a race and it is said to be useful because you are able to understand your physical condition during training.

If you mention wearable device, an eyeglass type and wrist watch type is attracting attention but as a “True wearable, wearable device” more corporations entering this market may increase in the future.

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