KDDI will put the FirefoxOS smart phone with excellent design on the market.

Takashi Tanaka,CEO of KDDI(left side)

Takashi Tanaka,CEO of KDDI(left side)

KDDI made a public announcement on its Firefox OS loaded “Fx0” smart phone.
Currently Firefox smart phones sold on the world market are positioned as popular models with the low prices less than 100 US dollars, but KDDI is good at completing high-spec products targeting at the smart phones lovers.

Fx0 is manufactured by LG Electronics and the CPU is loaded with MSM8926 1.2 GHz quad-cores. It also supports LTE communication. OS is the latest version “Firefox OS 2.0” to be released on December 25.

The designer is Mr. Yoshioka Tokujin, a world well-known designer. Transparent materials are used in the back and the battery and etc. are designed to be diaphanous.

For KDDI it intends to make the best use of the characteristics of FirefoxOS, and by using standard Web technology to promote a world view of WoT (Web of Things) which means connecting things and web together.

In Fx0 the function of Web server is equipped, and through programming on Fx0 a variety of devices could be interacted.

In addition, when touching NFC where colleagues are built-in in Fx0, it could simply form a local net work by using Wi-Fi. “Web-cast” function is also equipped which could be simultaneously shared like a device such contents in scroll unit as animations and photos in display.

For KDDI it has handled Android and iPhones and etc, so the Firefox smart phone is intended to appeal to the geeks who understand Web technology and not to go after the number of sales.

Merely taking the statement from Mr. Tanaka Takashi, CEO of KDDI, that he himself is a geek, it seems that KDDI has developed the smart phone which fully expressed its interest. He said “I never thought about profit.”

Fio(back side)

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