SONY CEO Kazuo Hirai retorted “This is a misunderstanding. We’ve never said we would never release it”

Kazuo Hirai CEO of SONY

Kazuo Hirai CEO of SONY

 Sony Corporation CEO, Kazuo Hirai, made a public comment for the first time on the cyberattacks Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) suffered in November last year.
 After the first attack on November 14, 2014, he said he “was directly communicating over the phone with SPE, including SPE CEO, Michael Lynton”.

 All contacts for the external transmission of information were centralized to SPE to avoid any confusion in dealing with the media.
 President Obama denounced SPE for cancelling the release of the movie “THE INTERVIEW”, saying “I think they (SPE) made a mistake. It is wrong to bow to criminal threats”, but CEO Hirai retorted “this is a misunderstanding. We’ve never said we would never release it”. So the movie release was just postponed, not cancelled.

 The reaction from movie theaters created the circumstances in which the release had to be delayed.
 CEO Hirai said “the US 4 top major movie chains, after receiving the terrorist threats, decided not to show the movie to preserve the safety of spectators. The decision to cancel came from the movie theaters’ side”.

 Besides, according to a leaked email as a result of the cyberattack, it was pointed out that “CEO Hirai instructed SPE to change the content of the movie”.
 In this regard, CEO Hirai didn’t deny, saying “as a general rule, and as a responsible official of Sony, it is natural to give instructions on the content, just like with a hardware or a user interface”.
 Besides, these are the second cyberattacks on the Sony Group after Playstation Network (PSN).
When asking “why not having applied lessons from the past”, CEO Hirai answered “the FBI reported the cyberattacks this time as being of quite a high level and of such an intensity that they would occur in 90% of US companies. These attacks are of a different dimension from what have been seen so far”.
Kazuo Hirai,CEO of Sony