A new cellphone SHARP “AQUOS K” is unveiled. The appearance is a feature phone but the substance is a smart phone


KDDI officially launched a new product, AQUOS K, made by Sharp on January 19. It looks like a feature phone but is actually an Android smart phone

AQUOS K has a 3.4 inch screen. It is a flip handset faithful to the highly popular style of feature phones. It has ten keys, and is compatible with infrared data communications, One Seg broadcasting, and mobile wallet. AQUOS K looks exactly the same as the feature phone.

If you operate the product, you will soon know the new phone has basically taken over the operating system of the feature phone. The AQUOS K screen is not a touch panel but is operated by 10 keys.

But the keyboard works as a sensor just like a touch panel. You can scale images by touching the keyboard like a smart phone screen. This means you need caution when browsing the Internet or operating the camera it requires a unique methods of operation.

The OS is Android 4.4. The chip set is a quad-core processor CPU that ensures a speedy feeling.
Compatible with the LTE wireless standards, AQUOS K can communicate at a maximum transmission speed of 150 Mbps.

Many feature phone lovers say they stick to feature phones because smart phone batteries run out fast. KDDI, for its part, says that the AQUOS K battery will last longer than the smart phone battery though not comparable to the feature phone battery.
AQUOS K is incompatible with Google Play, unable to accept a smart phone app as is. Chance are high, however, that app developers will customize smart phone apps for AQUOS K in coordination with KDDI to make customized apps avaialble. Consumers will inevitably hope for further efforts on the KDDI side.

AQUOS K is compatible with Wi-Fi tethering. So, it may be the best choice for consumers who want to carry both a feature phone and a tablet.

The appearance is a Galakei but the substance is a feature phone. AQUOS K comes on the market against the backdrop of a shortage of feature phone parts and the resulting need to use smart phone parts to maintain the production of feature phones.

Indications are, products like AQUOS K will follow suit.

AQUOS K Smartphone like feature phone