Panasonic LUMIX DMC-CM1 REVIEW:I can obtain photo quality completely different from that of the smartphone.

Panasonic DMC-CM1

Panasonic’s LUMIX DMC-CM1 is a product that integrates an Android smartphone and a full-fledged compact digital camera. This has been already launched in Europe and it has been announced that the product will be launched in the U.S. in spring this year. And finally, CM1 is launched in Japan too.

When looking from behind, CM1’s 4.7-inch touch-panel full-HD display is eye-catching. This look is just like that of a smartphone. When turning it upside down, however, you will see a compact digital camera with a large built-in lens.

Display looks Smartphone

Display looks like Smartphone

Adopted was a 1-inch CMOS sensor, which is exactly one of a full-fledged digital camera.
I have been actually using one released in last November in Europe for about three months. Frankly speaking, I’m fully satisfied with this image quality.

I usually use Apple’s iPhone 6 etc. to shoot photos, and I don’t have any special complaints because “their image qualities are reasonably beautiful.”
With CM1, though, I can obtain photo quality completely different from that of the smartphone. Though CM1 is similar in size to smartphones, its photo quality is surprisingly beautiful.

Speaking of the image qualities of digital cameras, we may not be able to see how good they are on the smartphones or PCs. When I upload images taken with CM1 on Facebook, though, I am sometimes asked by my friend what device I used to shoot those photos. I am even asked by a person familiar with digital gadgets, like “Maybe, CM1?”

As for smartphone cameras, it is ideal that anyone can shoot reasonably beautiful photos by just pressing the shutter button without thinking.
By contrast, it’s fun to adjust the settings of a full-fledged digital camera to “try to shoot beautiful photos.”

CM1 offers these two ways: anyone can shoot beautiful photos without thinking just like easy smartphone cameras; and you can enjoy adjusting the settings to shoot professional photos. It’s also nice that you can start photo shooting instantly because CM1 has a slide switch on top of the body.

I myself take photos without thinking. Still, CM1 enables me to shoot beautiful photos and truly enjoy photo shooting.
Especially, CM1 enables us to shoot surprisingly appetizing food photos. Sometimes food photos taken by a smartphone look unappetizing and we regret uploading them on the SNS. CM1 reduces such bummers.
Of course, there is a complaint.

Due to its smartphone-conscious design, the body is thin and it’s not easy to hold when shooting photos as compared to full-fledged digital cameras. Since this thinness adds portability, it’s both good point and bad point.

CM1 is LTE-compatible. So, it’s also fun that we can quickly upload taken photos on Twitter or Facebook. CM1 has a voice call function too and you can also use Google Play on it. So, you can download and use desired apps. It’s possible to use it exactly instead of a smartphone.
In addition, CM1 is SIM lock free. So, you can use it in combination with a desired carrier.

The price is nearly 1000 US Dollars. We cannot complain about this because it has the 1-inch sensor.

Photo by DCM-CM1
Photo by DCM-CM1
photo by DMC-CM1

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