New Heart-shaped Mobile Phone

heart 401AB
Ymobile, the fourth carrier in Japan, introduces a Heart-shaped mobile phone “Heart 401 AB”, which will be on sales from late March in this year, targeting adult women.

To communicate, the user twists the heart-shaped part to straighten the phone. A touch sensor is provided at the lower part of the heart shape for menu operation and number input, which can be performed by rubbing the sensor vertically or laterally. The mobile phone utilizes an address book transferred from a smart phone via app. The mobile phone, only weighted 54g, is actually compact and highly portable.

This mobile phone is based on PHS, which is a Japanese communication standard employed previously also in Taiwan, China, and Thailand but now only in Japan, whereby the PHS-based mobile phone can be used only in Japan, but not outside Japan. It seems that this mobile phone may be welcome in the Asia markets if it is GSM- or 3G-compatible.
Ymobile said “the low power consumption of PHS is inevitable to realize the size and battery performance”. The price is around 100 dollars.