Apple Watch Competes Using its Brand Name

Apple Watch

We can see that Apple has a strategy where they are trying to conquer the market on a different level without having a serious battle with other rival brands judging from the Apple Watch.

Brands such as Samsung Electronics, which incorporated functions such as Google’s Android Wear, LG Electronics and Sony have entered into the smartphone market, but their efforts have been in vain up to now. Each brand has had little commercial success. The Apple dominated market continues to this very day.

The wristwatch is wearable technology that works with smartphones. It can add applications, receive messages and phone calls from the smartphone and more. However, when you look at it from the perspective of functions and services there really is not any difference with any other platform. It is very likely that this “iPhone vs. Android” pattern will just end up being reinvented as “Apple Watch vs. Android Wear”.

This has lead Apple to try to differentiate itself from other brands by incorporating “fashion” into the Apple Watch. Since it is something that people have to wear on their bodies, wearable technology has to be an item that brings out the user’s individuality just like accessories, watches and clothes. The Android Wear camp’s weak point is that they only have a few types of devices and a limited number of choices. Recently a model with changeable carrying cases came out, but there are still only a limited number of types available.
Apple Watch display
If you look at Apple just from the perspective of carrying cases. Apple has 3 models available when just considering metal carrying cases. Furthermore, they offer 2 difference sizes to choose from. There are plenty of carrying cases to choose from at Apple.

Furthermore when you purchase an Apple Watch at an Apple Store, it seems that the customer can get their watch fitted depending upon the release date. There are a wide variety of models to choose from for the Apple Watch itself and the carrying cases for the watch. The fitting allows the watch to be fitted to one’s wrist upon which the customer can consider which carrying case or Apple Watch model they like and which fits them and their style the best. The process of purchasing an Apple Watch is similar to the buying clothes. You trying the watch on and choose the design and size that you like.

There is a possibility that the watch the customer ends up wanting to purchase is over their original budget and they agonize about the amount of money that are spending. Yet, Apple seems to be providing “the joy of being able to choose” with the Apple Watch.

In addition to the fashionability that Apple has incorporated in the Apple Watch, Apple has also attached a sense of status to the watch.

Speaking of wristwatches, there are times where they are purchased for important milestones in a person’s life. In the past, people received wristwatches as presents to celebrate graduation or for getting a new job. There are probably even times when people purchase wristwatches worth hundred of thousands or millions of yen as presents for themselves when they are working adults.

A great person once said, “Although it is convenient, there are time where you should not wear a cheap wristwatch.” There seem to be many people who buy expensive watches as status symbols.

Due to that demand, Apple is even preparing a line of watches that have price tags that exceed 2 million yen. This will be too expensive for the average person to purchase. Nonetheless, there are probably celebrities who will purchase an Apple Watch Edition that costs more than 2 million yen.

To be honest, since the Apple Watch is a product that just came out it should evolve as years pass. Just like the smartphone, the battery life of the watch will rapidly be improved as time progress as well.

Questions like “Will people even pay 200 million yen on a smartwatch that will be out of dated in a few years?” may come across a person’s mind. However, it is very unlikely that a person who is that concerned about money will probably not purchase an Apple Watch Edition.

When I look at the Apple Watch I can not help but think that Apple’s brand is really strong. When the details of a product are presented, the media as a whole will introduce the new product to the public.

Specifically due to the fact that Apple is established as a brand, the Apple Watch is not just a simple smartwatch. It has the powerful influence of the Apple’s brand when you compare it with other makers.

You could even say that this is a buildup is specifically the result of Apple setting up flagship stores in Ginza, Shibuya and Omotesando.

Apple is seriously tackling the Apple Watch project and challenging the smartphone market with a different set of values.

If, even Apple, who has invested quite a bit of resources into this device, cannot make it popular, then other companies are going to have an even harder time marketing it, and therefore, wrist-watch type wearable devices may not take off in the near term.

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