VAIO may have no choice but to lower the price of the VAIO Smartphone

VAIO Phone
The VAIO Phone was recently announced. When the plan for the phone was first announced at the end of last year, it was not expected at all.

A topic of conversation was certainly the fact that VAIO was launching a smartphone, but it was clear that the things that the company could do were limited, because they had just separated from Sony and a clear company structure was not yet in place. VIAO should refocus its efforts toward rebuilding the PC part of its business which is the company’s main product. Anyone who was looking could clearly see that smartphone are just a “side-gig” for VIAO.

Nonetheless putting the specifications for the smartphone aside, the VIAO executives made a confidence filled comment which raised the expectations for the VIAO Phone. The executive stated, “Just as VAIO is known for doing, we will be really particular about the design for our smartphone. So we are completing a product that is worthy of taking the name of the VAIO smartphone.”

Now the largest problem with this statement is the fact that were no VAIO like design elements in the VAIO Phone.

When I first touched the VAIO smartphone at the venue, I felt like “This is no different from the Nexus4 from two years ago.” The size of screen was different, but the style of the back and the side were practically no different from the smartphones released a few years ago.

If VAIO is going to attack with this so-called VAIO design then they will need to make a design that can go head to head with their Sony’s (their old parent company) Xperia. If Seiji Sanda, the President of Japan Communications Inc. Is going to do something like declare that VAIO is the only brand that go in a hand to hand battle with Apple then it should be a design that rivals the iPhone.
VAIO Phone
During a question and answer session after the conclusion of a press conference, Mr. Fukuda, the VP of Japan Communications Inc., was asked “If you put the VAIO logo on any smartphone with masking tape and sell it for 51,000 yen will the consumers purchase it?” He responded, “I do not think the consumer would buy that.”

If VAIO really has confidence in its design, should not the user should think “the design of this smartphone is cool” and purchase the phone even if there is no logo on it? If VAIO recognizes the fact that if the phone would not be purchased without the logo then that means that the design is lacking. Doesn’t it seems that Japan Communications Inc. and the VAIO side of the business seems to be lenient on the VAIO brand. Does it not seem as if VAIO and Japan Communications Inc. are making a fun of the user by saying, “Ultimately, there is no way that the user will be able to understand the design.”

I have a strong feel that the VAIO brand will end up being sold at a cheap price. Sony Mobile’s primary trade is smartphones. Despite the fact that Sony Mobile is having difficultly in terms of design and making their presence known in the smartphone market, VAIO is entering the market as a “side gig”. VIAO knows nothings about smartphones, so they will undoubted get burned by this experience.

If you are talking about smartphone design, you have to discuss operability in addition to the appearance of the phone. Specifically due to the fact that hardware and software are blended together its called smartphone design, right?

The smartphone market should not be a market where one can easily make money just by borrowing a brand’s name.

If VAIO is serious about getting into the smartphone business, it should launch a smartphone development team at its own company without depending on Japan Communications Inc. While Windows Phone is a possibility, if VAIO wants to survive in this competitive smartphone market then they probably need to start over from scratch including the company’s support system and make more of an effort at their own company in terms of creating this smartphone.

When Apple released the iPhone and it entered into the smartphone market and redefined the cellphone. It is a well known fact due to the selling of the iPhone, the Macbook began to get sold too.

If VAIO does not have the drive to get do the things that I have recommended in this article, they should get out of the smartphone market as soon as possible for the good of their company. It would be best if they quit making smartphones and focus its efforts on its main product, PCs. This VAIO Phone could be a fatal mistake to the VAIO Company.