Apple Watch REVIEW:From a user of Apple Watch for one week: Ten things you may want to know before you buy it

Apple Watch
The “Apple Watch” will be on sales from April 24. Our questions are what Apple Watch is and how convenient it is.
I obtained an Apple Watch and have used it for one week in daily life. I would like to present a review of this product by answering general questions such as how convenient it is, how long the battery life is, and so on.

How many models does Apple Watch have?
Apple Watch has 3 models, which are different in the materials of their housing: aluminum for “Apple Watch Sport”, stainless steel for “Apple Watch”, and 18K gold for “Apple Watch Edition”. Each model has two variations in size, 42 mm and 38 mm. For belts, there are options such as leather and metal, from which you can choose one you like.
The lowest price is $349 for Apple Watch Sport, and the highest price is $17000 for Apple Watch Edition.
The one the author obtained and used is Apple Watch of 42mm in size with link bracelet, priced at $999.

What is the first impressions on Apple Watch?
The tactile and texture are just like those of a luxury watch. I have used many smart watches of various makers. They all give such impressions that they are digital devices, having a plastic housing and a rubber band. But Apple Watch is really just like a luxury watch. It is elaborated as a watch which adult men and women can wear without hesitation.
Apple Watch appears so natural that people seeing you might think you are wearing a watch.

What can Apple Watch do?
Firstly, it has the function as a watch. To display on its screen, you can select various clock displays such as analog clocks, digital clocks, solar position, and photos, as well as Air temperature, next schedule, Mickey clock, and so on.
Apple watch displays notices of telephone, mails, LINE, Twitter, Facebook, etc., which are sent to your to iPhone. The user can check the notices on Apple Watch first. Then the user can choose how to reply, such as writing the reply by iPhone, or making sound input to write it by Apple Watch for some app. Or, the user may reply with a canned responses or with Emoji.
After using this for one week, I feel this notifying function is very convenient. I can screen a heap of mails to me by Apple Watch first to find out only the really necessary, to which I may write a reply with iPhone.
This reduced the time of holding iPhone. I feel like I have been detoxed from “smartphone addiction” (while I may become addicted to Apple Watch).

Tell me how to operate Apple Watch.
The Apple Watch is operated by touching and long-pressing. The screen is small but can be operated intuitively, just like iPhone. But it has a drawback in that your view of the screen may be obstructed by your finger.
To solve this problem, Apple Watch is equipped with a digital crown, which is a dial provided on the side of it and rotatable to expand or scroll the screen. This is very useful and can be operated smoothly and comfortably.
The digital crown also has the function provided by the home button in iPhone. When the digital crown is pressed once, a clock is displayed. When it is pressed once more, a list of icons of apps appears.
The clock display is changed to a display for notices by rubbing the screen downward. And when rubbed upward, it changes to a display for showing information such as heart beats, world clocks, stock market information, schedule, weather, and the like.
Anyway, the operation is so easy for everyone, and it won’t take long to get used to it.

Is it possible to add an app?
You can install an app for additional function to Apple Watch, just like you do for your smartphone. The app installation can be carried out via the settings app on iPhone.
At this moment, the App store in Japan has only about 20 apps available for Apple Watch.
But with these apps installed, Apple Watch can display news, the timetable at a station nearby, and recipes of cooking.
In some hotels in overseas, Apple Watch shows you the room number at checking in, so you can go to your room without the procedure at the front desk. In addition, it is possible to open the door of the room with your Apple Watch.
It is convenient to do it “without taking out smartphone every time.” More apps will be available after Apple Watch is on sales. I am looking forward to them.

Any other interesting functions?
Apple Watch has the function of measuring heart beats. It senses the movement of the user, automatically recording the calorie consumption and exercise amount of the day.
Apple Watch also gives you a message “stand up and do some exercise” once an hour for your health. This is may be because it is said that doing exercise once an hour is good for health.
After wearing Apple Watch, I have become more conscious of calorie consumption, using stairs instead of elevators for earning exercise amounts. Apple Watch is recommendable for those having not enough exercise.

How long does the battery life?
Charging for Apple Watch
How long the battery life lasts is what everyone wants to know. The spec says it is 18 hours. After actually using it, I think it can be used from morning to night with no problem. Even without charging, it seems that it lasts until the afternoon of the following day. But using it for 2 days without charging seems to be difficult. It is recommendable to charge it every night.
In addition, Apple Watch has a magnet-type cable for exclusive use thereof. It makes the charging so easy, as it attaches to Apple Watch magnetically.
Meanwhile, I feel that the battery of my iPhone is running out quickly instead. It may be because it communicates with Apple Watch on and on.

How about the waterproof?
It is not totally waterproof, so you cannot take a bath with Apple Watch. But it seems that you do not need to worry about waterproof for ordinary daily use such as against splash in washing hands and water drops on the watch in rain.
For your reference, I have washed hands with Apple Watch several times in this one week without any trouble.

So, what are the best parts of Apple Watch?
 After experiencing it for one week, I felt that “the time I am holding my iPhone has been reduced”. Before I could not help touching iPhone and checking mails and so on even inside a train or at a dinner with friends. With Apple Watch on my wrist, the time to do such things is reduced.
For checking mails and messages, I do not need iPhone now, as I can do it with Apple Watch more conveniently. I use iPhone just when I need it.

So, Apple Watch is something to buy?
For early adaptors, apple funs, and iPhone funs, I say YES, it is something to buy. That is the best of the smart watches now on sales. Considering the luxurious appearance, sophisticated convenience, and upcoming apps, I think Apple Watch is a “luxury watch”, which gives me such amusement and excitement.
But for general users, well, I am reluctant to say so for the time being, as it may not be too late to buy it after various apps have come up, telling us what kind of “the new usage” the apps can provide.

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